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About our mission 

Through storytelling, video footage and interviews, we want to collect as much positive news and inspiration on this website as possible. 


Our aim is for you to visit us regularly to find out about progress towards a better planet, wherever and whatever that may be.


There are three main ways we want to do this​ -

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We want people like YOU to tell us about projects, challenges and inventions that you know are making a real difference.

Icon of family in a house

We want FAMILIES like yours to follow us and tell all their friends to do the same.

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We want PEOPLE involved in making a difference to say YES to us videoing a 90 second interview with you so we can show others your work and ‘Reasons to be Hopeful.’


About our founder, Jane Taylor Rahman

Jane has been a psychotherapist for 15 years and a parent for 13.


It is through this combination that she realised how the climate crisis can impact wellbeing. She has witnessed climate anxiety, especially understanding how it plays out in young minds.

Having familiarised herself with the research so far on eco anxiety, her awareness of how language and information can impact our neurobiology - the potential it has to either increase anxiety and fear levels or calm us - led to the idea of creating Reasons to be Hopeful.

 ​Jane wants to share information that may help reduce fear and promote understanding of possible actions for good. This means alerting people to the steps being taken to improve the future of our planet and environment. Therefore, not centering all information around fear, which often happens in the regular media.

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