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Have you learned about something or someone inspiring? Have you been involved in a project or do you have a great idea for one?


We’d love to hear about it. Tell us about it in the form below, or send a email or a 90 second video to 


Please see below the contact form for some filming tips.

Thanks for submitting!

Filming Guidelines

  • When using your phone to film please turn it horizontally and shoot the video in that format. 

  • If you are interviewing somebody, please try and loosely use the following question and answer format with the person you are interviewing. 

Q1) What problem are you tacking? -  A1) The problem I/we are tackling is..

Q2) How are you doing this? - A 2) I/we are doing this by..

Q3) What is it about your work that gives you Reasons to be Hopeful? -  A3) The reasons it makes me/us hopeful are..  

  • If you’re filming yourself please try to loosely follow this structure:  "The problem I/we are tackling is..,” "How I/we are doing this is..,” ‘Reasons it makes me/us hopeful are..”

  • For all videos please make sure the visuals are clear and there is no background noise. 

  • Have fun and we look forward to watching your videos!

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