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Celebrating positive progress for our planet

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What is

Reasons to be Hopeful?

There are thousands of amazing people and projects creating successful solutions and adaptations to climate change - and we want young people to know about them.

Reasons to be Hopeful is a place where you can discover these inspiring people, new ways of living and cool tech working to repair our planet.

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How are we

doing this?

For every problem out there, we’re finding the people working to solve it and sharing their stories in fun videos and chats about:

  • the problem they’re tackling

  • how they’re doing it

  • why it makes them hopeful for the future.  

So hop on to the Projects page, search for the problem you’re worried about and see all the amazing things people are doing to fix it.

Why are we

collecting these stories?



These people and projects show us what’s possible now and in the future.

Lots of people are using this time of change as an opportunity to create a better, more sustainable world for everyone.

We'll show you how to join in. 

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Image by Inkong Boutchalern

Sea World Stock photos by Vecteezy

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How can you


get involved?

Change can be scary but history shows that humans are great at solving problems and adapting to the world around them, especially when they work together and encourage each other.

Building a happier and healthier planet is a challenge but there are lots of people trying to achieve this.


That’s why, at Reasons to be Hopeful, we’re growing a community of inspirational people whose stories can spark ideas about the many ways we can all make a difference. 

Whether you’re here to read and learn or you have something to share there are many ways you can be a Reason to Hopeful. 


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Do you know about a person, project or invention that is making a difference, either locally or globally? Get in touch!

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Do you, your family or friends want to hear more about the inspiring inventions and people working to repair our planet? Join our community!

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Are you involved in a project making a difference and want to inspire more people? Send us a 90 second video about your work and become one of our Reasons to be Hopeful!

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