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Successfully Growing New Coral Reefs

The Coral Restoration Foundation has restored over 17,500 square metres of Florida's coral reefs that had died due to rising sea temperatures and pollution.

How they have achieved this: The Coral Restoration project have worked out how to grow new corals in ‘nurseries‘ and successfully replant them in the ocean.The project has focused stag horn and elk horn coral colonies; growing the corals in the nursery for about six months before replanting them in the ocean areas which have experienced the most damage.

Reasons to be hopeful:

The Coral Restoration Foundation has undertaken the largest reef restoration project in the world, so far restoring over 17,500 square metres of Floridas coral reefs.

Visit their website to find out more about:

  • the work they are doing

  • to find out more about the different jobs involved in growing new corals, from driving the boasts to diving.


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