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Edible Jelo Cups for Your Next Birthday Party???

Photo from Evo Ware/ Rethink Plastics website

The inspired people at the organisation Evo & Co are creating fun ways to reduce our reliance on single- use plastics.

How are they doing this? Eve & Co have found a way to use seaweed to create dissolvable, edible cups and food packaging! Many of their products can replace everyday items that are normally made with single use plastic, such as takeaway food wrappers, carrier bags, teabags, disposable cups and much more!

Reasons to be hopeful: Replacing single-use plastic packaging with those made from seaweed brings the following benefits:

  1. Reducing the amount of plastic that gets sent to landfill.

  2. Reducing levels of plastic pollution in the rivers and oceans.

  3. Seaweed packing is bio-degradable so returns to the earth.

  4. Scientists have confirmed that carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gasses impacting negatively on our climate. So we need to find ways to reduce its levels in the atmosphere. This is where growing seaweed can help because as it grows it takes more carbon dioxide out of the air than almost all other plants - and keeps hold of it! This process is known as ‘carbon sequestration’ and leads to less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


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