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Reusing single -use plastic??

The organisation Save Plastic are building houses with bricks they make from waste plastic collected from the North Sea.

How they are doing it: They have invented machines that squish waste plastic into a sticky goo, from which they make plastic bricks and other valuable building materials.

Reasons to be hopeful:

  1. Save Plastic has found a way to reuse single-use plastic, meaning we can reduce the amount of waste plastic we send to landfills.

  2. Waste plastic collected from the sea can be recycled into useful building products.

  3. In the video below, you can see how in just one day, Save Plastic built a small beach house using bricks made from recycled waste plastic collected from the North Sea.

  4. Potentially these houses can help people access affordable homes, while helping recycle and reduce the level of waste plastic on our planet.

Have they found away of creating affordable eco-homes that are quick to build??

{insert photo]

Visit Save Plastic website to discover:

  • how they make waste plastic into a sticky goo.

  • other products being built including children play park equipment, park benches and small bridges.


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